2nd January 2017


Round 6 of the LSA Season Championship saw us head to Bunbury Speedway for the first time since the 2014/15 season. So it was an interesting choice by both Glenn Dickinson and Steven Kendall to make this their double points round.


Heat 1 saw Gavin Davis take the early lead of the race before Brendon Dickinson managing to sneak by for the win with Davis holding onto 2nd. Further back Benny Migro made his way past Paul Belfield and then also Glenn Dickinson to take 3rd with Glenn 4th across the finish line.


Heat 2 had Anthony Gaudio start on pole with Tim Davis on his outside. The first lap been a drag race with these 2 side by side. Gaudio managed to get the break to take the lead and was never headed. Davis held onto 2nd from Steven Kendall 3rd and Ant Dye in 4th.


Benny Migro (from pole) and Danny Attwood (from P4) took off in heat 3 to finish 1-2 in this race. Gavin Davis and Gaudio tried everything to get past Paul Belfield but Paul did an excellent job to hold them off for 3rd place.

Brendon Dickinson made a start to heat 4 he would want to forget when he went sailing into the fence in turn 1 damaging the front end of the car. His brother Glenn didn't have any better luck after the restart pulling infield after a few laps with a magneto problem. Kendall would take the win from Tim Davis and rookie Alex Williams in his first night in a Sprintcar!


With points tied between Migro and Kendall after the heats, it was decided who would get choice of inside/outside by tossing a coin. Migro won the toss and chose the inside.


When things got underway in the feature Kendall got the jump but Migro took the lead on lap 2. Migro was running the low line and Kendall the high line as each driver gave the other plenty of room. Tim Davis was in 3rd from Attwood and Gavin Davis. A few laps into the feature and Gaudio spun coming out of turn 2, he kept it going and took up the charge to make up ground. Positions were changing throughout the field in a superb feature race that went from green to checker for 20 laps. Migro held the lead for the majority of the race until Kendall went for an outside move that stuck with 2 laps to go. Kendall went on to win from Migro, Gavin Davis, Attwood, Dye, Tim Davis, Belfield, Gaudio, Williams and Paul Flint.






Pictures: Podium (L to R) Benny Migro (2nd), Steven Kendall (1st) & Gavin Davis (3rd)



And Steven Kendall all smiles with the Feature Winner Board