23rd December 2016

We recently held Round 4 of the Club Championship at Margaret River Speedway and it was a great nights racing.


It was unfortunate that during the night there was a very bad motor vehicle accident out on the highway and we lost the local fire brigade. Our racing was delayed until the club secretary rang around and managed to get in touch with the fire brigade at Woolcliffe and they filled in for the local guys so we could again hit the track.

The first heat saw #90 Ant Dye make a good start off the front row to take the lead, winning from #72 Sean Zemunik in second and #20 Mark Doble back in third.


The second heat saw #79 Ben Migro and #74 Paul Belfield start off the front row. Ben Migro took the lead in to the first corner closely followed by Paul Belfield and that is the way it ended to the flag with #53 Shayne Langdon third.


Heat 3 saw #61 Jason Jones on pole and #72 Sean Zemunik alongside him. Jason Jones got a good start into turn one but the experience of Sean showed and he was able to drive around the outside to take the lead. Jason held on for second place, with Ant Dye finishing third.

The last heat of the night saw #43 Anthony Gaudio and #26 Glenn Dickinson off the front row. Glenn took the lead into turn one with Anthony Gaudio in second and that is how they remained to the finish with Paul Belfield taking third.


The grid for the feature saw Sean Zemunik and Ant Dye on the front row. The start of the feature race was clean until turn two which saw Glenn Dickinson spinning and coming to a stop and amazingly at the same time Ant Dye got up too high in turns 3 and 4 and did the same thing. Both cars were able to restart from the rear of the field. This meant at the restart Paul Belfield inherited starting along side Zemunik. When we got underway after the restart, Zemunik took the lead, Benny Migro slipped into second (starting from P3) and Belfield initially into third. Unfortunately this didn’t last long as Belfield made contact with the wall along the back straight forcing him infield. Migro tried to chase Zemunik down but to no avail as Sean was just too good. Further back Mark Doble was making an impression as he got past both Anthony Gaudio and Ant Dye to claim 3rd place. Dye had made a good recovery from the rear but again went too high on the track giving Doble the opportunity to pass and Mark didn’t need a second invitation.
Feature Race Resulst:
1st #72 Sean Zemunik
2nd #79 Benny Migro
3rd #20 Mark Doble
4th #90 Ant Dye
5th #26 Glenn Dickinson
6th #43 Anthony Gaudio
7th #60 Jason Jones
#53 Shayne Landon
#68 Jamie Langdon
#74 Paul Belfield



Race podium (L to R) #79 Benny Migro (2rd), #72 Sean Zemunik (1st) and #20 Mark Doble (3rd)