20th February 2017

Mick Doble became the third driver this season to declare the round to be his double points round at the drivers meeting and go on to win the feature race that same night. Doble won a stoppage filled feature from Benny Migro and Brett Barndon.


Doble started the feature on pole with Migro on his outside and on the second row it was Grant Atkinson and Nathan Chant. Doble got the advantage at the start with Migro slipping into 2nd place. Initially Atkinson took 3rd but had Anthony Gaudio and Chant right with him. It wasn't long before Gaudio moved into 3rd. After a handful of laps were completed David Sudholz looped his car but kept going leaving a cloudy storm behind him in which Grant Atkinson, Mark Doble, Jason Jones and Ross Atkinson all stopping due to no visibility. All cars were able to restart from the rear of the field. While under the cautions, Nathan Chant was forced infield with a flat right rear tyre. Immediately after the restart both Jones and Grant Atkinson also headed infield.


After the restart Doble still led from Migro, Gaudio and Ant Dye. Brett Barndon was challenging Dye and eventually slipped past into 4th. Meanwhile Tahni Doble and Glenn Dickinson spun and stopped in turns 3 & 4. Both were able to restart.


Doble again led Migro away after the restart while Barndon pressured Gaudio and ducked up the inside, a couple of laps later Gaudio half spun in turn 4 but rejoined the field. With Dickinson and Dye the beneficiaries moving back up the field.


A couple more cautions were had during the remainder of the feature due to Ross Atkinson and David Sudholz spinning on separate occasions with both been sent infield due having more than 2 push starts.


On the last lap Ant Dye found the wall in turn 2 bringing on the cautions as Mick Doble took the win from Benny Migro in 2nd, Brett Barndon 3rd, Glenn Dickinson 4th, Anthony Gaudio 5th, Mark Doble 6th, Tahni Doble 7th and Ant Dye 8th.


Mick Doble celebrated in spectacular fashion with a series of donuts for the appreciative crowd.

Earlier in the night heat wins went to Barndon, Chant, Migro and Mick Doble with Doble and Migro going on to win their respective dashes to claim front row starting positions for the feature.



Picture (File Photo) : Mick Doble winner of round 9 of the LSA Club Championship at Moora Speedway. Thanks to Travis Petford for the photo.