30th January 2017


Sean Zemunik notched up his 3rd feature race win at Geraldton Speedway on Saturday night and in the process was crowned King of the Hill. Zemunik won ahead of Callum Williamson and current series points leader Benny Migro.

The start of the night saw Nathan Chant take the win in heat 1 from Robert Garraway, Mick Doble and Ant Dye. Mick Doble had started the heat race off pole position but spun during the race, so he did well to come the field through after restarting at the back of the pack.


Heat 2 had Wayne Harrington and Brett Barndon start off the front row. Barndon made the start and was never challenged. Initially Harrington was in 2nd but then swapped places with Marshall McDiarmid on a couple of occasions. Eventually McDairmid claimed 2nd, Harrington 3rd and Anthony Gaudio 4th.


The third heat for the night saw Migro win from Jason Jones, Callum Williamson and Glenn Dickinson. Round 6 winner Steven Kendall had a DNF after spinning in turn 2 then pulling infield. Zemunik also didn't have a good start to the night, being forced infield and classified as a DNF for his opening heat race.


Heat 4 had current joint club champion Tim Davis line up alongside Gaudio on the front row. Gaudio took the lead at the start and won from McDiarmid, Chant and Harrington.


In heat 5 Zemunik made up for his opening heat and led from go to woe to finish in front of Barndon, Mark Doble and Williamson.


In the final heat of the night Brendon Dickinson and Ant Dye started off the front. However, it was Glenn Dickinson who would take the win from Migro, Mick Doble and Dye.


The top 10 on points were now split into 2 dashes to determine the starting grid for the first 5 rows of the A Main.

Migro would win the A Dash to start on pole for the Feature from Chant, Williamson, Mick Doble and Glenn Dickinson.

In the B Dash Barndon would take the honours from McDiarmid, Gaudio, Harrington and Jones.


To make it to the A Main, Zemunik did it the hard way, transferring from the B Main by winning that from Dye, Mark Doble, Garraway, Hanlon and Tahni Doble.


So it was now feature race time. Unfortunately Garraway's car wouldn't start and would have to watch the 30 laps from the infield. Migro and Barndon led the field away with Chant firing up the inside forcing all 3 up the track in middle of turns 1 & 2 with Barndon doing a great job to stay on 4 wheels. This gave an opportunity for McDiarmid, Gaudio and Mick Doble to fire up the inside but it wasn't to be with all 3 coming together ending the night for McDiarmid and Doble. Gaudio and Barndon were able to restart but from the back of the field.

At the restart Harrington was the big winner, now out of P2, and took the lead from Migro, Chant and Williamson. Further back Zemunik was on the move.


Harrington had clear air and looked strong with the field chasing hard, with Zemunik making passing moves on Chant, then Williamson and Migro to now be in second.


Behind the leaders, Barndon was coming through the field and Glenn Dickinson, Jones, Chant, Mark Doble and Gaudio were in close battle swapping places.


Harrington had a handy lead until he spun all by himself in turn 4 to bring on the cautions.


At the restart Zemunik led them away from Migro, Williamson and Jones. Williamson would get by Migro and set off after Zemunik. Meanwhile Barndon had got himself back up into 4th and this is how things would stay until the last lap when Barndon's right rear tyre would let go, failing to cross the finish line. Dickinson would inherit 4th, Gaudio 5th a solid recovery after his lap 1 incident, Jones 6th, Chant 7th, Mark Doble 8th, Dye 9th, Hanlon 10th and Tahni Doble 11th.






Pictures: King of the Hill winner Sean Zemunik. Thanks to Travis Petford for the photo.