18th October 2021

Saturday night Michael Keen claimed the first win of the season in front of Alex Williams and Blake Jackson at Ellenbrook Speedway.

23 cars were in attendance with Blake Jackson the only one brave enough to play his double points round at the opening show.

The hot laps session was eventful as Brendan Condren who was returning after 2.5 years out of the seat hurt a motor whilst numerous other drivers showed they were rusty by spinning.

Our 4 Heat races were a mixed bag with plenty of cars dropping out in multiple heats.

David Sudholz’s afternoon came to an abrupt end when he slammed into the turn 2 wall in the opening heat race.

Greg Clarke took a massive tumble in the 2nd rounds of heats and Matthew Laughton hurt the motor in the Matt Paint #60 in his 2nd heat race. Jarrin Bielby also parked up for the day with motor gremlins after the heat races.

Heat race wins went the way of Keen, Tim Boujos who set a new 10 lap record in the process, Damien Joyce and Tim King.

Boujos and King were to occupy the front row of the feature with Williams and Joyce behind them and Keen and Bottrell on the third row of the feature.

Disaster struck after firing up the Super Cycles #4, Craig Bottrell pulled infield before the field lined up.

Boujos chose to start on the outside of the front row. King took full advantage of being on the inside as he took the lead when the lights went green.

Williams slipped into third, followed by Joyce, Keen, Brendon Dickinson, Jackson, Borgas, Anthony Gaudio, Brooke Newson, Glenn Dickinson, Mike Hanlon, Joel Ettridge, Stephanie Hanlon, Guy and Clayton Dickinson.

Only a couple of laps were recorded before David Guy spun the Bruce Rock Engineering #40. Fortunately he was able to restart.

At the restart, King led the field away, Boujos following and Keen went around the outside of Williams in turns 1 and 2 to slip into 3rd. The battle up front was fast and building into a great race. Boujos staying only a couple of car lengths behind King and Keen doing the same with Boujos.

About 7 laps into the race Stephanie Hanlon had her first experience of spinning the #71 while Mat Borgas and Brendon Dickinson both pulled infield.

King was again too good at the restart leading for the next 3 laps until slowing down the back straight due to a power steering line breaking. King headed infield and Boujos inherited the lead. Williams had got by Keen at the restart albeit shortly as Keen returned the favour again.

With King now out, Boujos was now enjoying the fresh air in his face until lap 15 when he was amongst the back markers and went to pass rookie Clayton Dickinson, hitting the wall in 2. Keen with nowhere to go hit Boujos, luckily though enabling the WA1 machine to roll free and keep going to now be the leader.

With another restart ordered, Keen lead with 5 laps to go from Williams and Joyce. Jackson, Glenn Dickinson and Newson had moved forward to be in 4th to 6th respectively. Gaudio was in 7th then Mike Hanlon followed by Ettridge, Clayton Dickinson, Guy and Stephanie Hanlon who were all doing solid jobs holding their lines in their first run with a big field.

Keen would handle the final 5 laps with Williams doing his best to chase him down but had to settle for 2nd, Jackson put a move on Joyce which allowed Dickinson to come through too. Joyce finished 5th, Newson 6th, then Mike Hanlon, Gaudio, Ettridge, Clayton Dickinson, Stephanie Hanlon and David Guy.

The LSA would like to thank the following businesses for their support for the 2021/22 season:

  • KeenBros Truck Driver Training
  • Donnybrook Panel Beaters
  • Redcat Holdings Pty Ltd
  • West Coast Smash Repairs
  • Keens Truck Driver Training Bunbury
  • RPM Race Products
  • Empire Graphics

📸 Peter Roebuck

Round 2 is set for 13th November 2021 for the Merv Woolford Memorial/King of the Wings at the Perth Motorplex.

LSA 2021/22 Season Points Standings (after Round 1 of 14):

  • 41 Blake Jackson 120*
  • WA1 Michael Keen 76
  • 47 Alex Williams 74
  • 12 Damien Joyce 67
  • 57 Tim Boujos 53
  • 51 Tim King 51
  • 90 Brooke Newson 48
  • 71 Stephanie Hanlon 48
  • 112 Clayton Dickinson 40
  • 40 David Guy 36
  • 26 Glenn Dickinson 34
  • 75 Mike Hanlon 34
  • 77 Joel Ettridge 34
  • 43 Anthony Gaudio 32
  • 44 Brendon Dickinson 30
  • 4 Craig Bottrell 26
  • 9 Mat Borgas 18
  • 6 Greg Clarke 10
  • 14 Brad Chapman 0
  • 39 Jarrin Bielby 0
  • 60 Matthew Laughton 0
  • 69 Brendan Condren 0
  • 73 David Sudholz 0

*Drivers that have played their double points round

Points Structure:


1st 21 2nd 18 3rd 16 4th 14 5th 12 etc


1st 41 2nd 38 3rd 36 4th 34 5th 32 etc